7 Sure Ways to Have Fun without Drinking ...

Some tend to think that they have to drink alcohol in order to have fun. Is this setting a good example for the little ones around us? This includes little brothers, sisters, cousins and of course your own children. There's also always a danger of your occasional drinking bouts turning into an addiction if you're not careful. So, here are 8 sure ways to have fun without drinking. Get ready, because it’s time to start having a good time sober!

7. Have Fun with Your Children!

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I love this one myself, because my daughter and I have a very good bond and I love spending time with her. We play video games together. Crafts have always been our favorite. Kids have very inventive minds and they find you plenty of things to do. They're very helpful with cooking or cleaning, too. So get out there andhave fun with your children!

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