8 Signs He is Not Ready to Commit ...


Knowing if your guy isready to commit or not is always helpful in figuring out where your relationship is headed. The 8 signs he is not ready to commit that I’ve posted below are some common ones to look for. The simplest way to know is if he comes right out and tells you that he isn’t, but a lot of guys aren’t that straight forward. Not all the signs listed below are for sure, since men tend to handle their feelings in a completely different way than women. However, they do apply to most of the guys I know!

8. He’s Secretive

Having little secrets from one another is only natural, but when he abruptly ends hiscell phonecalls the moment you walk into the room this can cause some concern. I guess a better word for this form of secretive would be ‘sneaky’. A sneaky guy tends to make me wonder what he’s trying to hide. It might be something that he feels ashamed about. It’s hard to know unless he is willing to communicate as to why he’s so secretive all the time.

You Have No Idea Who His Family is
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