10 Really Quirky Ways to Predict the Future


If you don’t believe in palm reading, looking into a crystal ball into the future, Tarot cards or even astrology -you wouldn’t believe some of the other quirky ways that people use to “predict the future”.

Here’s the list as gathered by MentalFloss.com:

1. Anthropomancy - Divination by the Entrails of Men

2. Armomancy - Divination by the Shoulders of Beasts

3. Belomancy - Divination by Arrows

4. Gastromancy - Divination by Stomach Noises

5. Gyromancy - Divination by Walking in a Circle until the Subject Falls over from Dizziness

6. Myomancy - Divination by Movements of Mice

7. Omphalomancy - Divination by Knots on the Umbilical Cord

8. Onychomancy - Divination by Fingernails

9. Rhapsodomancy - Divination by Random Selection of a Line of Poetry

10. Tyromancy - Divination by Cheese

I myself am a fan of astrology -I have this e-mail alert which shows what my “Horoscope of the Day” is. However, I have learned not to take it too seriously, it should all be in the spirit of fun.

But using stomach noises to predict the future? Or tracking the movements of mice? Despite that adorable film “Ratatouille”, I still have an aversion to these creepy rodents. How much worse will it be if they will be used to determine what will happen tomorrow?

Anyway, I bet that divination by means of cheese, umbilical cord movement or arrows are done all in the spirit of fun - otherwise, they could be part of a black witchcraft thing that most of us would surely want nothing to do with.