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10 Really Quirky Ways to Predict the Future ...

By Mabelle

If you don’t believe in palm reading, looking into a crystal ball into the future, Tarot cards or even astrology **-you wouldn’t believe some of the other quirky ways that people use to “**predict the future”.

Here’s the list as gathered by

1 Anthropomancy - Divination by the Entrails of Men

2 Armomancy - Divination by the Shoulders of Beasts

3 Belomancy - Divination by Arrows

4 Gastromancy - Divination by Stomach Noises

5 Gyromancy - Divination by Walking in a Circle until the Subject Falls over from Dizziness

6 Myomancy - Divination by Movements of Mice

7 Omphalomancy - Divination by Knots on the Umbilical Cord

8 Onychomancy - Divination by Fingernails

9 Rhapsodomancy - Divination by Random Selection of a Line of Poetry

10 Tyromancy - Divination by Cheese

I myself am a fan of astrology **-I have this e-mail alert which shows what my “**Horoscope of the Day” is. However, I have learned not to take it too seriously, it should all be in the spirit of fun.

But using stomach **noises to **predict **the future? Or tracking the movements of **mice? Despite that adorable film “Ratatouille”, I still have an aversion to these creepy rodents. How much worse will it be if they will be used to determine **what will happen **tomorrow?

Anyway, I bet that divination **by means of cheese, umbilical cord **movement **or arrows are done all in the s**pirit of fun - otherwise, they could be part of a black **witchcraft **thing that most of us would surely want nothing to do with.

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