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By Sheila&Yusuf

Since the inception of research, one of the most popular topics has been the laws of attraction between men and women. And with the help of some recently conducted research on dating, let us help you bust some of the common <a title="7 Big Myths About Dating …" href="https://allwomenstalk.com/7-big-myths-about-dating/">dating Myths.

Myth 1: Dressing up for a date, means dressing less — men like women who show lots of skin

Fact: According to a recent study published in 'Behaviour', too much skin is actually not seductive for men. The right amount of flesh to reveal is about 40 percent.

Myth 2: On a date, a lesser-quantity, low-calorie mealwill impress the guy and show him that you take good care of yourself and that is why you are attractive

Fact: This one doesn't really need a research to be proven wrong. Most men like women who are from the same species as them and don't eat like birds. As Scott Kudia, the author of 'If This is Love, Why Am I Unhappy?' says, most guys actually go for chicks who will eat a real meal in front of them.

Myth 3: Talking about shared interests is what guys look for on dates.
Fact: It's always fascinating and even comforting at times to know that the two of you have things in common. However, the real interesting stuff is exploring new things about each other. As the experts point out, new and exciting things increase 'dopamine' in our bodies which in turn builds interest and passion. So don't make a first date mistake by pretending to like everything he does just because you think it'll make him like you better.

Myth 4: The first thing that guys' notice is your eyes.
Fact: As per a Cosmo and AskMen.com poll, only 1 in 4 guys are truly lured in by beautiful eyes. A large majority (62 percent) of guys notice a hot body.

Myth 5: Breaking up will get him to see how much he misses his you
Fact: Absence might make the heart grow fonder, but not heart-break or threats. If you leave him, he will miss what you guys had, but won't necessarily come running back to you. This move will backfire in more cases than not!

He says: Dressing less will surely get me to look your way and probably look your way a second time, but i'm definitely not going to go your way if i have options! And oh.. the breaking up will definitely not get me to come running back!

She says: Thank god for myth 2! Woot! Also, what?! The guy is not looking into my eyes?! How disappointing....

Are there any dating myths that you have come across that need to be busted?

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