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When Obsessive Love Turns to Freaky Fatal Attraction ...

By Mabelle

Stalker alert! Here's an interesting post from the I'mPrettyinPink blog: it's about the destructive phase of obsessive love.

According to the author, you'll know that love has turned obsessive because:

1 Obsessive Lovers Believe That Only the Person They **fixate **on Can Make Them Feel Happy and Fulfilled

2 Persons Close to the love-obsessed Can Also Be Greatly Affected. Witnessing a Friend or Family Member Suffer from the Disorder Can Be Distressing

I am pretty sure that **luuuvv **can easily turn into freaky fatal attraction if:

1 You Feel the Same Way That Glenn Close Feels for Michael Douglas in the Movie "**Fatal Attraction**"

2 You Still stalk Your Ex at Work when He Said a Couple of Months Ago That "it's so over" between You Two

3 You're Already Planning Your Wedding with the Guy That You Just Had Your First Date with

So what's the moral lesson? Take it easy – and don't be a stalker! LOL…

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