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Why is it that every fragrance marketed to the "younger" set these days is either a boring, generic fruity floral or a sickly sweet concoction? There have been, oh, I don't know, approximately 136 Escada limited-editions, and 57 Salvatore Ferragamo Incantos, but they all seem to smell the same!

Where is the alternative for the teenage girl who wants to smell sophisticated but age appropriate?

I think, friends, that I have found it. This fragrant creation is **Love Bird by Nanette Lepore**, "inspired by the playfulness of new love." While it's not particularly marketed to teens, I think it's just perfect. Love Bird opens with citrus and blackcurrant and develops into a heart of rose, muguet, jasmine and carnation. But what I like best about it is the base - amber and very sheer musk, which give Love Bird a touch of warmth that's often lacking in some of the more youthful offerings on the market.

It reminds me of a younger version of Sarah Jessica Parker Lovely or Narciso Rodriguez For Her; soft and feminine without being cloying, and not so much musk that it smells too "old" on a teen.

I gave Love Bird to my fabulous 13-year-old cousin B for a test drive, and she swooned over it (and she is a tough critic!).

The pale blue bottle with the little folk-art birds doesn't hurt, either.

Love Bird is limited edition, so snap it up while you can - for your daughter, little sister, cousin...or yourself!

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