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I haven't really been feeling Marc Jacobs lately, so much so that when I saw Saks was having a trunk show of Fall 1 07 styles, I almost didn't bother to go. But I did want to see if any of the runway bags were being shown so I went.

Well, the runway group wasn't being shown, and won't be in stores until July-ish. It also won't be done as shown on the runway in exotic skins, but I did get a peek at the look book, and the colors are gorgeous. Anyway, enough about bags we won't get for months (and until then it's mostly the same bodies in different color ways and trims), and on to one available now...

The quilted Ryder Bowler. I've seen it before, and passed it over, not being a fan of patent or quilting. But while looking around, I kept coming back to it (to be honest, they had a pre-sale version in a honey luggage-y shade that was gorgeous, which is what did it, I think).

It was also far lighter than it looks (maybe a first for Marc Jacobs, whose bags tend to be deceptively heavy), The little details, like the ruffling on the handle, and even the pushlock which serves no discernible purpose made me smile.

The patent is available online now from Bergdorf Goodman for $1475, or you can call Saks at 1-877-551-SAKS to try and get on a list for the leather.'>

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