8 Best Places to Buy Cute Kid's Clothes ...

Whether you’re looking for a special occasion dress for your princess, or back to school jeans for your little man, you’ll need a few places to shop for kid’s clothes that you know you can depend on! They have to have cute clothes in the right sizes at reasonable prices, and even better, frequent shopper rewards or at least an e-mail newsletter with special deals! Not sure which children’s clothing stores have these perks? I can help! Here’s my list of the best places to buy cute kid’s clothes

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Janie and Jack specialize in adorable clothes and accessories for babies and little girls and boys up to eight years. They only have a few select stores in 32 states, but you can shop online, anywhere around the world! They offer exclusive deals and special event announcements via a free e-mail newsletter, and they also offer monogramming on some of their baby items, like hooded towels, bibs, and onesies which make great gifts for a baby girl or boy!

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