7 Tips for Perfect Summer Nails ...


7 Tips for Perfect Summer Nails ...
7 Tips for Perfect Summer Nails ...

Summer is the best time of the year forfancy nails, especially your toenails. After being cooped up all winter in closed-toed shoes, it’s time to show ‘em off again! Here are some great tips to help yourmanicureand pedicure last a little longer and shine a little brighter!

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Use Moisturizer Often

Use Moisturizer Often Photo Credit: libraryman

Pamper your hands and fingers with agood moisturizerand wear gloves while you sleep. Also, treat yourself to a wax as often as you can.


Shape Them

Shape Them Photo Credit: nomadicdreamproject

Trim your nails in a straight shape, not rounded. Straight nails look more fashionable and professional. Then again, it is your personal choice. Remember, some shape is better than no shape and trimmed nails = healthy nails.


Remove Cuticles

Remove Cuticles Photo Credit: DomWrap

If you are giving yourself a pedicure, remember to keep your cuticles soft with cuticle softener and remover. Always use a cuticle stick; never nailclippers to remove cuticles. Don’t cut your cuticles. This can lead to infection in your nails, not to mention it just doesn’t look good!


Clean Your Nails First

Clean Your Nails First Photo Credit: southern charm soap co

Before you paint your nails, make sure they are clean. Oils, creams, and residue will prevent paint from staying put! Also, completely dry them after cleaning them.


Apply a Base

Apply a Base Photo Credit: daisy plus three

I know it doesn't seem like a big deal and it can be time consuming but use a base coat first. This really does help the polish adhere longer.


Apply Polish

Apply Polish Photo Credit: ansy

Pick afabulous colorand paint them on! Don’t use thick layers of polish. Two thin coats are much better than one thick coat. Also, swipe the end of your nails horizontally between coats. This will help stop your polish from chipping.


Use Nail Art

Use Nail Art Photo Credit: aya1gou

Applynail art. This is fun, especially on your toenails! Finally, finish with a topcoat. Extra shine, extra protection!

Do you have a favorite summer shade of nail polish? Why not post one here, and give our readers some inspiration for new nail trends?

Top Photo Credit: LetsJam :D

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I love painting my nails espesially purple,pink,orange,and yellow

Oooh nail art..I've always been interested in trying them.


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