10 Nail Trends Celebs Are following This Spring ...


10 Nail Trends Celebs Are following This Spring ...
10 Nail Trends Celebs Are following This Spring ...

Let’s face it ladies, our hands are at the forefront of almost everything we do. We greet people with them, communicate through them, work with them, and the list goes on. It is no wonder professional nail service and nail care product sales reached $8 billion last year! Creative Nail Design co-founder, Jan Arnold, is the “go to gal” on everything nails. Lucky for us, she loves to share her secrets and wisdom with the rest of the world. Here are some trends to follow:

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Feminine, flirty, and innocent…creamy and iridescent white shades lighten things up.


Shades of Gold

Get a little exotic with metallics! Whether 24-karat or honey bronze, bling abounds.

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Gothic Tones

If you think these dark shades are going anywhere this spring, think again! These almost black shades bring out the punk rocker in any glam goddess.
Gothic Tones


Solid Foundation

Opaque nudes are all the rage at this spring’s NY fashion week. My personal favorite this spring is CND’s Cocoa nail color. I love the natural look on my hands, but often feel like most “neutral” colors make my nails look like they aren’t even done…what a waste! Cocoa makes my nails look clean, while elongating my hands and feet.
Solid Foundation


Kiss Goodbye to Winter Blues!

Kiss Goodbye to Winter Blues! If it’s good enough for Eva Mendes, it’s good enough for me!


Reds Return

From bright reds to dark reds, RED is back. Try pairing your fierce nails with classic red lips.
Reds Return


Invest in Both a Base Coat and Top Coat

If doing a self manicure, remember that all-in-one top and base coats do not perform as well as individual base and top coats. They shorten the life of your manicure!


Remember These Numbers: 2 4 0

A 240 grit by industry terms makes for a more gentle nail file. The higher the grit number, the finer the abrasive. Rough, sandpaper-like files can causes nails to peel.


Solar Oil

A must have for many celebrities is SolarOil (or other similar cuticle oils). It is essential for visibly improving the look of your cuticles. It also moisturizes the nail plate to prevent against brittleness and breakage. Something we all need coming from the wind and cold of winter months!


Treat Yourself

Treat Yourself Having your nails done feels just plain good. It adds a little extra bounce in your step; and with the average cost of a manicure starting at $10, it is the perfect way to feel luxurious without the luxurious price tag.

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I'm a nail technician, so my nails must look good all the time. They are sort of like a business card for me. When people see them, many times I gat asked where I get them done at. I get occasional new cliets by that alone! I tend to wear the cutting edge type of nails and nail art. Nail polish alone - to me, is just too boring. But that's just me.

I always love doing self manicure. I do my manicure so good that my guy friends think they are fake ones i got from the store.which i laugh about. love the tips that help me get more ideas for my nails.

I def like the light colored nails. I dont usually take good care of my nails...they're always breaking :(. But for my wedding I cant wait to get them done at the salon. I'll probably just get a french manicure! Plus I type every day at my job so I'd probably not do too well with long nails!

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