8 Nail Shapes and How to Choose the One for You ...

Here’s one topic we all think, talk and worry about – nails! I’ve officially finished my year long abstinence, my nails are as good as new now, and I’m planning to have some great nails done for New Year’s Eve party. That is, if my sister manages to squeeze me in her busy schedule. Yeah… nail artists these days… and you’d think blood relatives come first. Anyways, to keep the long story short – here’s my list of possible and impossible-looking and yet doable nails shapes:

1. Round Nails

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Photo Credit: Körmönfont (Egerszegi Szilvia)

Some girls love this nail shape while some think it’s outdated… I, personally, wouldn’t style my nails like this but I have to admit that this shape has its benefits. Like durability, for example. You see, smooth, rounded tip is not easy to chip or tear so round nails would be ideal for the ones who have weak nails and like to keep them short.

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