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8 Nail Shapes and How to Choose the One for You ...

By Jelena

Here’s one topic we all think, talk and worry about – nails! I’ve officially finished my year long abstinence, my nails are as good as new now, and I’m planning to have some great nails done for New Year’s Eve party. That is, if my sister manages to squeeze me in her busy schedule. Yeah… nail artists these days… and you’d think blood relatives come first. Anyways, to keep the long story short – here’s my list of possible and impossible-looking and yet doable nails shapes:

1 Round Nails

Round NailsPhoto Credit: Körmönfont (Egerszegi Szilvia)

Some girls love this nail shape while some think it’s outdated… I, personally, wouldn’t style my nails like this but I have to admit that this shape has its benefits. Like durability, for example. You see, smooth, rounded tip is not easy to chip or tear so round nails would be ideal for the ones who have weak nails and like to keep them short.

2 Square Nails

Square NailsPhoto Credit: Körmönfont (Egerszegi Szilvia)

Extremely square nails are very popular these days – add French manicure to them, and you’ll have an ideal nails style to fit every occasion. This shape actually draws attention to the hands so I’d say it looks best on medium and long nails. Be careful with this shape, though, as you could easily chip the edges even if you have your nails styled with UV gel or acrylic. I’m actually quite an expert on that! Chipping edges, I mean…

3 Square with Rounded Top

Square with Rounded TopPhoto Credit: B_Zedan

This is what you get when you combine the good features of the two shapes I’ve mentioned above. If you’re a dedicated fan of square nails I’d suggest you try this one out – it can’t hurt and it can reduce the chipping significantly. I’m sure you know how this looks but let me try to explain in just in case – you are supposed to file your nail sides straight, file the top like you’re going for the square shape and then gently blend the edges until you’re happy with the result. That means that you can adjust the shape get the look that goes from almost square to completely round at the top.

4 Pointy Stiletto Nails

Pointy Stiletto NailsPhoto Credit: Körmönfont (Egerszegi Szilvia)

Ultra long, incredibly pointy nails are a real hit these days. I’ve never tried this look and I probably never will because I can imagine leading a normal life with them. Did I mention that I wear contact lenses? Anyways, stiletto nails are something you won’t be able to do at home, unless you have acrylic or UV gel manicure set. The shape is quite weak on its own and it won’t last very long on natural nails. So, yup, if you’re not scared and you promise you won’t end up hurting yourself or anybody else, do book an appointment in your favorite salon. I’m still not loving this look, though. Just saying…

5 Almond Shape

Almond ShapePhoto Credit: Körmönfont (Egerszegi Szilvia)

You’ll have to file the nail sides quite a bit to get the almond shape so, I’d say this is the weakest natural shape there is. However, I’m willing to look past that because after square, this would be my second favorite nail shape. It’s feminine, it makes the hands appear more delicate and fingers less chubby but it won’t allow your nails to grow too much. However, you can always get them covered with acrylic or UV gel to make them stronger, shinier and even do a permanent French manicure.

6 Oval Nails

Oval NailsPhoto Credit: panphila

Not really happy with these choices? Well, why don’t you try oval? Oval nails combine all positive elements of almond, square, and rounded shape so they are both strong and good-looking. They are durable like round nails, look great on both medium and long nails like square ones and enhance the feminine appearance of the wearer, similar to almond shape. More good news? With this shape, you can actually fake the size of your nail bed! So, if you have short nail beds, you’ll just file the nail into a more oval shape to make the nail bed appear bigger. Simple and yet, so efficient!

7 Lipstick Nails

Lipstick NailsPhoto Credit: Körmönfont (Egerszegi Szilvia)

Umm… I don’t even know how to describe this shape but I’m sure you’ve seen it before. You know that curve a lipstick has at the top? Well, the whole point is to try to mirror that curve on the tips of your nails. There are many variations of this style and, honestly, none of them seems to do anything but scare people away. A salon trick you might want to try out when you’re sure you won’t have any business meetings or something like that. P.S- Consult your boyfriend, husband, kids or anybody else you are living with because they might feel reluctant to come close to you after you get your nails done.

8 Fantasy Nails

Fantasy NailsPhoto Credit:

Is this a valid nail shape? I kind of see these nails as art or even zany fashion trend but I can’t imagine doing my everyday chores with them. So, what are fantasy nails? Well, with fantasy nails there is no need to choose a specific nail shape because you can have them all! Yup, if you want to, you can pick a different shape for every nail. The nail artist will make your nails incredibly long and put stones, glitter and 3D acrylic decorations of your choice. You can turn your nail into a flower and actually have a 3D butterfly standing on it (read: sticking out from it). Cool? Yup, if you have a maid, a nanny, a cook, somebody to help you get dressed and a professional ass wiper.

But, tell me, which one of these nails shapes is your favorite? Do you style your nails at home or go to the salon? And, finally, what is your take on acrylic and UV gel? I’d have to say that I love the fact that you can double the length of your nails in just 2 hours! No muss, no fuss, no painting every 3 days, ideal!

Top Photo Credit: buldg216

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