7 Disadvantages of AcrylicUV Gel Nails ...


7 Disadvantages of AcrylicUV Gel Nails ...
7 Disadvantages of AcrylicUV Gel Nails ...

As a former user and a frequent visitor and helper in my sister’s beauty salon, I don’t really have a reason to speak against these procedures that could help you have long, strong and perfectly manicured nails. However, fair is fair and, since I’m a Libra who strongly believes “every medal has two sides”, I can’t close my eyes to some of the evident disadvantages these procedures have. So, here’s what I need to point out:

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You Can Have a Nasty Injury

When you break your natural nail, the chances are it won’t break too high and start bleeding. With gel and acrylic, in the other hand, nail breaks on the weakest spot and that is often not the tip but somewhere in the middle. An injury like this can be fixed but that’s way too painful, at least for me, and I’ve always preferred to cut it short and leave it to heal. I don’t want to risk any infections and whatnot.


You Depend on Your Manicurist

If you start coating your nails with these materials, you just have to go and get them redone every month, regardless of what’s going on in your life at the moment. I had a big problem on my vacation because my nails grew very fast and started causing me problems and my dear sis was too far away to fix them. She had given me a rough nail file and shown me how to file them down and shorten them but this procedure literally took hours and I got bored to do that and just let them grown until they became so big that the natural, grown bottom part just couldn’t support the bulky gel coated tip.


Are Those Procedures Safe?

Have you heard that acrylic dust is poisonous? Now, some say it is, others say all you need to do is have a little tabletop vacuum to suck in all that dust. I don’t know. UV lamps are not great for your eyes either – I’m sure you look at the lamp trying to see the end result. But do you wear your protective goggles? Do they even give them? Anyways, these things don’t concern many people and they didn’t concern me either but it’s only fair to mention them too.


Money is Not Always Well Spent

It is recommended that a customer makes a short break after a year or so because sometimes even top quality materials and the best of skills don’t guarantee you’ll get the same great result you always do. Your nails just get “fed up”, filing reveals one of the inner, greasier layers or you’re body is not in the mood to tolerate that. Like dying the hair when you have your period – it never worked for me and my nails never turned out good if I happened to get them done in these days. It’s not my sister’s fault because girls that had their appointments a day before or after me came back happy after a month brining other friends… I’m just a big hormone wreck in those days, I guess.


You Can Have a Nasty Infection

I’m talking about yeast infections and whatnot! Some beauty salons are ready to invest a bit more into buying a sterilizing machine, kind of like the one doctors and tattoo artists use. Some clean them with sterilizing liquids and some don’t even bother to that until it’s too obvious that the tools are dirty. Even a well intended move like trying to fix a damaged nail can lead to a big infection if a nail is not prepped and covered with materials made especially for these purposes.


They Look Perfect for a Very Short Time

It’s kind of like trying to turn dark hair into platinum blonde – first ten days you’re happy and you’re planning your next “paint job” for the next twenty. I’m a perfection freak myself and I can handle dark roots, chipped nail polish or that crease that start showing 10 to 15 days after you’ve got your nails done. I don’t know if people really notice that but I do and I’m not talking about my nails only!


They Aren’t Made for Clumsy People

If you throw your hands around too much and you often accidentally bang your hand on the door, desk or wherever, you’ll probably have to make an emergency appointment and pay more to get your broken nail fixed. This often happened to me and, if my sister wasn’t there to fix things quickly, I’d probably do my nails once, twice and then give it up because I really don’t have enough time to run around because of one stupid nail.

What do you think about UV gels and Acrylic? These procedures do have their good sides, that’s for sure, but we must not forget these either.

Top Photo Credit: Don Fulano

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I'm shocked. I can't believe I didn't know most of these stuff...

8. they look sooooo cheap, and not classy at all

Thanks for sharing these. Being an Arien I am never a religious salon goer but my sister is a fan of acrylic nails. I am going to show this to her.

The new gel nails that are applied just like nail polish are a huge improvement over the older version. They do still need to be cured under a UV light (put some sunblock on your hands to protect them). The gel is easily removed with acetone, leaving your original healthy nail intact. If you keep your nails short and use a natural color, the grow-out will be less noticeable. To prolong the time between manicures, you can apply a clear top coat to add shine to the new growth - or any colored nail polish you desire. If you don't like the new color, remove with a NON-acetone nail polish remover and the original gel nail underneath will still look shiny.

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