Tips on Giving Yourself a Pedicure


Tips on Giving Yourself a Pedicure
Tips on Giving Yourself a Pedicure

Giving yourself a pedicure is not that difficult especially if you take into consideration our step by step instructions on how to do it the proper way. So, here we go:
• If you have polish on your toenails, remove it. We are starting from scratch.

• Check the length of the nails. If needed, clip straight across, but not too short or you could find yourself with ingrown toenails. If your nails are extremely hard, after a bath is a good time to trim.

• Apply some cuticle cream to the cuticles. This should be done on a regular basis.
• Check your heels. This area of the foot seems to dry out the fastest, especially during the summer months. Apply some lotion and then take a few minutes to give yourself a foot massage.

• Gently work on the cuticles. If this is the first time, go slowly. They might be stubborn. A damp facecloth will remove the oil/cream when you are done.
• Saturate a cotton pad with polish remover. Go over the toes again to remove any trace of cuticle cream. Ignoring this step could result in the polish not adhering to the nail.
• Apply color. It doesn't have to be the same polish you used on your fingernails.

*Note... if there is a lot of dead skin build-up on your heels, there are lots of products on the market to help exfoliate the foot. This could be worked into the massage and lotion segment of the pedicure.

Now you are ready to make your feet look gorgeous in no time!

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