In a Nail Polishing Rut?

This article is one woman’s view of nail polish and what is appropriate. I can sort of identify with her, as she is pretty staunchly convinced that the only alternatives that are ok are red on the toes and nude on the fingers. I really have a huge tendency to be this way myself, with everything from nail polish to fragrance, but I have been really trying to unbrainwash myself lately and come to that real realization that it is ok to be fickle with all of these things - there are zillions of companies working hard to attract our business and how in the world are they supposed to do that if we stay in a huge rut forever? I don’t know, but I am quite fickle now, and am having a great time with it!

As for me, I’ve decided it’s still all about nude or red. I did try a few brights - on both toes and fingers. I even tried a pretty-but-bold candy pink called Deauville (Chanel again). And though I might, in time, be able to adjust my taste to all the zaniness, my problem is in the application: I just don’t find the bold colours easy to paint on. In fact, they end up looking blotchy, streaky and even a bit messy. Maybe it’s something in my technique, but this is one trend that doesn’t colour me happy.

I do think she needs to come read about Polish That Lasts and get some tips on how to polish without streaking. It can be done, I promise!!

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