Slowly Transition Your Black Nails into Spring


Slowly Transition Your Black Nails into Spring
Slowly Transition Your Black Nails into Spring

Thats right ladies. Step away from the black nail polish. Put the bottle down, it’s time to accept that spring is on its way. While it’s not all the way here, February brings a slow transition into new colors. Teaming up with Michelle from All Lacquered up, Style IT’s got some great suggestions for your black nail withdraws.


Navy nail colors are great for both the early spring transition and the nautical trend. Michelle recommends Revlon Dark Pleasures in Midnight Affair, and Misa Blueberry Glaze. For a sparkly kick, tryGlamour from OPI’s Designer Series.


A perfect easy transition and arguably, one of the hottest spring colors for anything. Created with Pat Benetar, Lippman’s Hit Me With Your Best Shot perfectly fits the gunmetal category. Michelle also recommends Cover Girl’s Midnight Magic, as it can look black, navy or grey depending on the lighting.

Deep Purple:

Michelle particularly loves this jewel tone color, sighting Zoya Yasmeen as a favorite on the Makeup Alley boards. Kick the purple up a notch with Finger Paints Be A Pal-ette, a shimmery grape. Also recommended was OPI’s Lincoln Park At Midnight, which is a lighter and more purple alternative to Lincoln Park After Dark.

Michell at All Lacquered Up has a serious nail color obsession, which is alright with us! Be sure to check out her vampy nail color post, and her blog.

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