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Weddings can be one of the most important days of our lives and capturing those special moments like the groom's first glance at his beautiful bride is a very important part of that day. But how do we go about choosing the right photographer to make certain that those moments will be shot and how can we trust that our pictures will turn out beautifully? Listen to these 5 tips and you shall find the perfect photographer who will capture the perfect memories for your wedding day.

5. What Fits into Your Budget?

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Now that you both have crossed other big items off your list, how much are you willing to spend on the photography? Did you go over budget on your gown or venue, but you still want the photographer who may be more than you can afford? If so don't be afraid to contact them and ask about their prices and see if they are able to negotiate. Tell them that you're thankful for their time, however your budget won't allow for their prices. This is when the photographer might surprise you with a return email or call and ask you about your budget and what will work for both of you. Don't forget to check out every detail of the photographer's wedding package and what's included within the price they are given you. Ask how much extra photos cost, photo albums for your parents, and if engagement photos are included. Don't be left in the dark and find a bill in the mail that isn't what you negotiated.

Could you be lucky enough to have one of the Top 10 Wedding Photographers of 2009 like Jasmine Star? Jasmine captured a special moment for Jessica and Roy as they took their first few photos together on their wedding day. You can see the passion they have for each other and now Jessica and Roy will forever be able to hold on to this moment with thanks to their talented photographer. Contact Jasmine(who is the photographer in the top photo) to see if her prices fit into your budget.

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4. Do Some Research...

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Within the last five years the internet has blossomed with wedding blogs like Weddingbee.com, photo blogs like JessicaClaire.net and wedding message boards like the ones at TheKnot.com. The information is out there waiting for you to find it, so start Googling! Find brides in your areawho had a great experience with their photography and ask them if they can email you a sample of their beautiful pictures. Ask your family members who to stay away from, remember theres a horror story for every great photographer story. When you do find someone who has great reviews set up a meeting to check out their work and see if it fits your style.

Would a fun personality work with your style? Are you willing to play around on the rings in the park and make for a unique and memorable shoot with photographers Jessica Claireand Braedon like couple Allison and Delwin did? Every serious shot needs a fun one, so contact Jessicaor Braedonto ask about their style.

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3. What Are You Looking for?

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Do you want your wedding to tell a story with candid, emotional pictures or do you want to have certain posed images with the bridal party and guests? How do you want to remember your day? For our wedding I want those random shots that tell a story and show the love in the room and the bond that everyone shares with us. However, I would also like us to have a few photos with our bridal party and our family members. Though I don't want us to look posed, I do want to have these photos just incase the random shots don't capture everyone that came to our wedding.

Another important idea to think about is how you want your photos edited and processed. Do you like how photographer Jaci Clark has editedthis phototo make the**moment more romantic**? The first photo just looks like a** simple shot** that any photographer could have made at a wedding, but with her artistic eye Jaci has turned this photo into a touching memory that the bride and groom will think of every year on their anniversary. Contact**Jaci** if this is how you would like to remember your big day.

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2. Make a List...

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There are so many** elements of your wedding day** that are important and obvious to you, but that doesn't mean that your photography knows that these components of your wedding are significant. You have a voice and it should be heard from everyone you are dealing with for your wedding and the photographer should be at the top of that list. If there is a brooch on your bouquet that was your grandmother's tell your photographer about it. **Make a list **of all the shots you want and if it's near the end of your day and you feel like something was left out than let them know.

Photographers Jennifer and CJ Nichols, who are husband and wife, took a moment to capture the bride's beautiful bouquet and mixed in other details like the matching decor that Kate and Jameshad at their amazing wedding. Sometimes the little details are missed and this could have been something the bride and groom had on their list or maybe it was something the Nichols knew the bride would love.ContactJennifer and CJ so that all your details will be caught on film.

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1. Which Shots Make the Cut?

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Does anyone have their eyes closed, was the sun in anyone's face, are the kids behaving, and how does the picture make you feel? These are questions you want to ask yourselves as you look through the hundreds or maybe thousands of shots your photographer took on your wedding day. Your wedding package only includes so many photos, but the photographers take more than needed to make sure the perfect shot was taken. So now the pressure is turned on to you because these will be the photos you will keep. However, this is does not always make things final because many photographers allow for extra photos to be picked months later for an extra cost. You could also ask for the negatives for the option of processing photos years later.

To me this photo with the little boy crying that photographer Peter Pawinski**won sixth place** for in 2006 with the WPJAwould be a shot I would keep! Although some brides and grooms would be upset about this photo and upset at the little boy for crying, you have to factor in how tired he must be. Weddings are fun for adults and some kids, but **little kids might have a hard time keeping up with all the directions. So unless you think this photo is cute like I do, bring some toys for the little kids to keep them happy during the photo shoots. Contact**Peter if you have kids at your wedding who will keep everyone on their toes!

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What are your tips for perfect photos?

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