21 Ways to Start a Conversation with a Guy You like ...

You’ve seen him on the morning train every day for the past few months, and he’s so fine! Out of the corner of your eye, you think you’ve seen him looking at you, but you can’t tell for sure… the attraction is there, so how do you start an actual conversation? Here are my top 21 ways to start a conversation with a guy you’re interested in, along with a success percentage and how much courage you’ll need, on a scale of one (shy girls!) to ten (so bold!).

1. Catch His Eye and Smile

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Level of Success: 60%
Level of Courage Needed: 6 of 10
The next time you see that guy, catch his eye and smile, maintaining eye contact for about three seconds before looking away. If at all possible, blush a little when you look away. I can almost guarantee that if the guy is interested too, he’ll smile back and probably even approach. If he doesn’t, make sure to catch his eye and smile one or two more times, each time a little longer. Toss your hair a little, and flirt like mad. Let HIM start the conversation!

Photo Credit: Alex Rozhenyuk

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