10 Tastiest Teas ...

I'm certainly not a tea snob, but for generations, the women in my family have been ardent tea lovers. We cantrace our roots back through the female line to the Otleys of ancient Wales, and I'm sure even back then, our women were great tea drinkers. They'd be ashamed of me, I'm sure, since I drink bagged tea but believe it or not, there are lots and lots of tasty teas that are bagged! Here's my list of the ten tastiest teas, ancient family line or tea lovers or not!

1. Mount of Olives Earl Grey with Pomegranate

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Price: $3.79 at sweetgourmet.com
Earl Grey tea is my favorite, so I was excited to try this when I found it in a local gourmet food shop. It's tasty, but it's not what I expected from an Earl Grey — it's just not as aromatic as other Earl Greys. Still, it is very ,very good tea, especially with just a little honey...

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