10 New Things to Try in Bed ...


Who said that a datewas only about a dinner for two, then a quick shag when the night ends?

Have some fun with your partner!

It is about celebrating your love afterall.

Let those hearts and sparks surface over your bed.

Are you looking for something new to try in bed?

How about these 10 new things?...

10. Dinner for Two

Dinner for Two

Photo Credit: Ronaldo F Cabuhat

I am not talking about just any dinner for two!

I am talking about making yourselves.

Nothing sexier than the two of you in your birthday suit, cranking up the stove.2

I guarantee the stove will not be the only thing getting hot in the kitchen!

If you want to take things further, cook up some dessert that can be put on the body.

What are you waiting for?

Look up a recipe NOW!

9. Box of Treats Baby!

Box of Treats Baby!

Photo Credit: laurenlemon

This is a great way to get your sexy back.2

Get a cute box and wrap it up in red paper and then tie it with a ribbon.

Place lots of toys that have been wrapped individually.

Be inventive and include a long wide piece of satin (for the eyes), a thinner long piece (for the hands).

Another thinner, long piece (for the feet).

Include a feather with a certain task, such as β€œtickle me” and some bondage tape with another task.

I could go on but you get the point ;) Unwrap them one by one and come up with innovative ways to use them.

8. I Love You Notes

I Love You Notes

Photo Credit: teddyrabbit

Try posting some I love you notes everywhere including your body.

This is perfect for guys, because they do not have lingerie.

Make a trail of love notes that lead your partner to the bedroom.

Stick the final post on you or somwhere close.

You can have post it’s such as β€œslip into this,” β€œeat this chocolate” or some naughty actions.

Let your imagination run wild ;)

Dress to Impress!
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