7 Ways to Wear Glam Tie Dye ...

Okay, so I didn’t expect to ever wear tie-dye. I missed the 80’s trend, and always thought it was one of those trends which was never coming back. It looks like I was wrong! From celebrities to designers, the glam tie dye look is everywhere at the moment, and there’s certainly no avoiding it! I’ve been hunting out the best looks and here are my top 7 ways to get the look...

1. Philip Treacy Tie Dye Beret

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Price: $172 at asos.com
Not feeling brave enough to invest in a full tie dye outfit? This beret looks chic and retro, featuring soft neutral colours and a cute charm pendant. Pair it with a neutral blazer and look chic! This really is an effortless way to try this look. My friend owns this, and I’ve been stealing it all week... you wouldn’t believe the compliments I’ve had!

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