7 Reasons to Skip a Work-out ...


A month or so ago, I couldn’t get make it to the gymfor an entire week, and the guilt was so extreme I actually woke up once in the middle of the night. I just couldn’t make time that week, so rather than rush through my workout and possibly injure myself, I stayed away from the gym. There are valid reasons for skipping the gym, and if you can’t go, try not to feel guilty, like I did! Here’s my list of 7 reasons to skipa workout! Think of these as a free pass…

1. Illness


Photo Credit: kirikiri

If you’re not feeling well, you shouldn’t be working out, especially if you have the flu or if you’re contagious. You won’t get a good workout anyway, you’ll only lengthen your illness, and you might even make someone else sick! Rest for a few days, and get back to the gym when you’re feeling better!

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