7 Hottest Wedding Trends ...

It's your big day, one of the most important days of your life! You want your wedding to be romantic, memorable, and fun! But you always want to be on trend, because you are, after all, a fashion bug! Not sure where to start? Here's my list of the seven hottest wedding trends, culled from the pages of current bridal magazines, wedding blogs and guest visits to lots of recent weddings!

1. Romantic, Natural Hair

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Photo Credit: JoyceMedeiros

Gone are the days of the tight, shellac'd bun or un-natural looking updo with just one or two spiral curls left down. Soft curls, gentle waves, and wispy, loose updo's are in, and they're so pretty! Also hot are prettyhair accessories, like tiny tiaras, sweet headbands, and a creamy fresh-picked flower tucked behind your ear.

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