7 Hottest Wedding Trends ...


7 Hottest Wedding Trends ...
7 Hottest Wedding Trends ...

It's your big day, one of the most important days of your life! You want your wedding to be romantic, memorable, and fun! But you always want to be on trend, because you are, after all, a fashion bug! Not sure where to start? Here's my list of the seven hottest wedding trends, culled from the pages of current bridal magazines, wedding blogs and guest visits to lots of recent weddings!

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Romantic, Natural Hair

Romantic, Natural Hair Photo Credit: JoyceMedeiros

Gone are the days of the tight, shellac'd bun or un-natural looking updo with just one or two spiral curls left down. Soft curls, gentle waves, and wispy, loose updo's are in, and they're so pretty! Also hot are prettyhair accessories, like tiny tiaras, sweet headbands, and a creamy fresh-picked flower tucked behind your ear.


Vintage Wedding Gowns

Vintage Wedding Gowns Photo Credit: saucy dragonfly

Vintage dresses are a big wedding gown trend right now and I can see why. Why spend thousands of dollars on a dress you'll only wear once, for a few hours? Why not borrow your mother's or grandmother's gown and have it updated, or search for a vintage wedding gown that flatters your own style? Skip the poufy sleeves, huge butt-enhancing bows, and over-beaded bodices from the 1980's, and look for romantic details, delicate lace and flowy fabrics of the much earlier decades instead!


Candid Photography

Candid Photography Photo Credit: {nikole b}

Of course you'll want to capture photos of you and your groom and family at the church, posed and professional. But the hot trend in wedding photographyis more photo-journalistic, more candid and so much more sincere and romantic! Find a photographer in your budget that will follow you around all day, capturing the moments you’ll want to remember forever.



Wildflowers Photo Credit: dlynnphoto

What's a wedding withoutromantic flowers. Skip the formal, stuff-looking bridal bouquet and opt for a natural, pretty bunch of wildflowers instead! Tie them off with a pretty ribbon, and for heaven’s sake, don’t ever use silks or one of those wretched stiff plastic holders. Find a florist you know, who will work with something other than white roses, and see what they can offer!


Destination Weddings

Destination Weddings Photo Credit: netsimon

If you elope, your mother will kill you. But you don’t want the traditional down-the-center-aisle ceremony and hall reception, either. Why not compromise by having a destination wedding somewhere exotic and romantic, like Belize, Ibiza, or even just Florida? You’ll save money, and may even get thehoneymoonfor free!


Bye-bye Cheesy DJ

Bye-bye Cheesy DJ Photo Credit: Extra Medium

Hire a friend’s cover band, a string quartet, or make your own iPod playlist and use that all night long and forgo the cheesy, horrible DJ. If you really want a DJ to keep things going, make sure he’s not a cheese-meister by watching him in action at someone else’s wedding reception. If you choose to play your own music, remember to check and double check. And remember, no tacky songs!


Unconventional Wedding Parties

Unconventional Wedding Parties Photo Credit: Jason Collins | deliriousphotograph y.com

Remember when bridesmaids were old college roommates, sisters, and an extra second-cousin to even things out? No more! If you want your brother to be in your bridal party, he can! More and more, bridal parties and groomsmen include members of both sexes, and why not?

These are the seven hottest trends in weddings, and there are so many more. I’m so glad the more natural, pretty hair-do’s are back in! Which of these trends have you noticed, and celebrated? Or is there another hot wedding trend you can report? Please share!

Top Photo Credit: kimberlybrimhall

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I'm a romantic at heart and love anything to do with weddings! I've really been enjoying the pots on weddings. Thanks!

Lovin' this site! I only found it an hour ago (bookmarked in a minute!). Great article - I relate to a few of these trends. The vintage theme has definitely been hot lately, and I totally agree on the DJ advice... Good stuff - I've posted about this article n' site on my blog. -Sophie x

I love the trends you found...and the wild flowers! Vintage is def big...everything old is new again!

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