10 Ways to Keep up with Revision ...

Exams: the word itself makes my stomach drop. It is by far the most terrifying part of a High School experience, except for perhaps being pulled into the Headteachers office. With exams come revision, and revision is tedious, tiring and terrible. So, I thought I'd attempt to give you some tips on how to make revision a bit easier for your exams this year.

1. Don't over-work Yourself

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I am such a criminal for this, I always try and do much more than I am capable of. My plan for this year with revision was to revise an hour a night for each subject up until my exams. That would have been 9 hours work a night, how silly is that? So, instead I went for a healthy approach and did half an hour of two subjects per night, from about two months away from my exam. I didn't feel over-worked, and I hardlyfelt stressed. It is a great technique!

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