10 Things to Love about February ...

February has a lot to offer us and with it being the 2nd month of the year we can kick ourselves back into that new years resolution we left behind last month. Here are 10 wonderful things to ****love about this month and hopefully they will create some other ideas of what you love about February.

1. The Pittsburgh Steelers Won the Super Bowl…

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If you or someone you know didn’t watch NBC on Sunday February 1st, than you might not know that The Pittsburgh Steelers have beat the Arizona Cardinals 27-23 to win Super Bowl XLIII! Jennifer Hudson stepped out for her first performance since the tragic death of her family members and sung her heart out to the National Anthem. And before Hudson, Faith Hill walked onto the Tampa Bay turf to sing "America the Beautiful". The Half Time Show made all the Jersey natives proud of their Boss Bruce Springsteen who hit every note of "Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out", "Born to Run.", "Glory Days", and his newest "Working on a Dream". If the Steelers aren’t your favorite football team than who are you hoping wins next year’s Super Bowl?

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