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Warning Signs Your Date's Not into You ...

By Mabelle

Here's a great article from AOLPersonalsabout how you would know if your date's into you. I can definitely relate to some of the telling signs – I kinda saw them when I had this **great date **with my long-time boyfriend.

But what if things were turned around and your **date **is really **NOT **that into you? What **signals **should you watch out for?

Take a look at the list that I came up with to tell if your date's **NOT **into you:

• His answers are monosyllabic.
• His glance often flickers to that **blonde **bimbo on the other table while you’re having dinner.
• He flashes this **awkward **smile when you try to crack a joke.
• He says that you remind him of his **mom **or his kid sister (!).
• He never makes **eye contact **for more than a few seconds.
• He never asks you to go into **personal **details about yourself.
• He doesn't go for a hug, a kiss or ask for your phone number at the end of your date.

If two or more of these signs are present – then you need to face up to the fact that **he's just not that into you **– no matter how much you wished he is!

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