Top 10 Tips on How to Get a Girlfriend (for Boys) ...


Every guy wants a special girl to cuddle up with after a hard day, but what if it’s just not happening?

Well don’t sign up for speed dating yet!

There are much easier ways to get a girl.

Here are my top ten tips on attracting a girlfriend!

1. Take Pride in Yourself

Take Pride in Yourself

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Make sure you look like a potential boyfriend!

Get a good haircut, keep your hands and feet clean and shave occasionally, so that when you see Miss Right, you look the part!

2. Think about Her

Think about Her

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Make a list of all the qualities that are important to you, and which ones are negotiable.

Having a list makes it much easier to see who matches and who doesn’t, and is a good way to check you are actually compatible!2

3. Resolve Old Hurts

Resolve Old Hurts

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Let go of old relationship problems, and stop hating your ex-girlfriends.

Taking conflict into a new relationship isn’t a good idea, and she’s likely to think you still have a flame for your ex if you talk about her a lot.

Get over your ex and wipe the slate clean!2

4. Emphasize Your Best Features

Emphasize Your Best Features

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Make the most of your best features, whether they are physical or mental.

Wear clothes that make you feel confident, pick a pair of great jeans that accentuate your behind, wear cologne and always check to see if you look presentable.

If you have a special ability, show it off.

You never know who's watching!

5. Learn How to Make Her Feel Good

Learn How to Make Her Feel Good

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When your guy friends talk about their girls, pay attetion.

You will learn a thing or two about girls and that will help when you get a girlfriend of your own.

Sure, every girl is unique but knowing the basic rules of how to make her feel fabulous will help!

Think about Girls You Already Know
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