7 Fashion Faux-Pas to Avoid ...


Visit any mall, beach, airport, or school, and you’re bound to see dozens of people, women especially, sporting major fashion blunders.

Muffin top from poorly-fitting jeans abounds, and you can barely keep the snarky comments inside your own head.

What’s worse is realizing you might be making a fashion faux-pas of your own!

Red my list, commit it to memory, and rest assured you won’t be making any of these fashion blunders anytime soon…

1. Muffin Top

Muffin Top

Photo Credit: jonlarge

This is far and away my least favorite of all of the fashion faux-pas.

It’s so unattractive, and so easy to avoid!

Simply put, if your wear your jeans too small, that fat has to go somewhere — right over the top.

It doesn’t help it you wear a clingy shirt, either… combined, you get muffin top.


2. Butt Cleavage

Butt Cleavage

Photo Credit: ArizonaHiking

Again, if you’re wearing too-tight jeans, chances are you can’t pull them up where they ought to be.

Which means every time you bend forward, or heaven forbid bend OVER, you’ll expose generous quantities of severely unwanted butt cleavage!

Or worse, whale tail… when your panties stick up just barely covering your exposed butt crack!


3. Smushed Boobs

Smushed Boobs

Photo Credit: DodogoeSLR

If you’re a blessed buxom beauty, you might occasionally notice the double-boob effect, where your breasts look cut in half, almost like two sets rather than one nice one.2

This can happen when you wear a bra that’s too small, pushing your extra breast right over the top of your bra, while holding the unlucky half tightly against your body.

Uncomfortable and unattractive!

Buy a bra that FITS!

And while you’re at it, try your best to make sure your bra straps don’t show!

4. Sausage Rolls

Sausage Rolls

Photo Credit: Malingering

This is another fashion faux-pas caused by jeans that are just too small.

If your thighs (front or back) look like tight little sausage rolls, you need to go up a size.

And besides looking awful, it can’t be comfortable to be squeezed into jeans that snug!

Saggy Butt
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