9 Most Shocking Celebrity Scandals of 2009...rity


Where there are clouds, there will be rain. Where there are flowers, there will be bees. Where there are designer shoes, there will be ME! And where there are celebrities, there will be scandals... plenty of shocking, juicy scandals! Here's presenting the 10 most shocking celebrity scandals of 2009...

9. Meghan McCain's "controversial" Twitpic

The only reason I'm putting this on the list is to get your opinion. Personally, I think her twitpic wasn't a big deal at all. So she's well endowed and not afraid to show it. Aren't there crazier things happening in the world? Do you really think this picture was worth all the 'interesting' posts spawning across the net and the drama it created?

Meghan McCain's "controversial" Twitpic
Jon and Kate plus Drama?
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