7 Ways to Have Softer Richer Hair ...


7 Ways to Have Softer Richer Hair ...
7 Ways to Have Softer Richer Hair ...

I color my hair a lot, and it gets dry in the winter time. The result is kind of a disaster. I’m on this all-around self-improvement kick, so I decided to go looking for ways to improve and strengthen the texture and feel of my hair. I found some great ideas and here they are: 7 ways to have softer, richer hair!

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Olive Oil

Olive Oil Photo Credit: Pedro Gerardo

Yes! I saved this one. Massaging olive oil directly into your hair, then covering with a warm towel or a shower cap for 20-30 minutes will deeply condition your hair. It can help with split ends as well. You’ll see and feel the difference as soon as you shampoo. There are even suggestions that olive oil can help treat dandruff, and it definitely helps with frizz.


Hair Serum

Hair Serum Photo Credit: Melissa Gray

If you have a problem with your hair, there is more than likely a serum for it. There are serums fordry hair, fizzy hair, color treated hair, and so on. Nor do they have to cost an arm and a leg – you just have to know where to shop. Experts recommend that you begin with a small amount, like a dime-sized drop that you work through your hair.


Deep Conditioners

Deep Conditioners Photo Credit: filmarik

Using a deep conditioner on your hair is a great idea. Leave-in conditioners can make your hair softer, shinier, and richer. You can find spray-in,leave-in conditioners for ease of use, or go for the standard lotions. Don’t overdo it, but a regular routine will definitely benefit your hair.


Cool Water

Cool Water Photo Credit: the Italian voice

Believe it or not, hair experts also recommend washing your hairwith cool or lukewarm water. I have actually noticed that when I wash my hair after running out of hot water, it does feel softer when the water is cool. Apparently that is because cooler water closes the cuticles in your hair, which in turn improves and increases the way light reflects off of your hair. This makes your hair shinier as well as softer.


Hot Oil Treatment

Hot Oil Treatment Photo Credit: 紅兒o^-^o

Hot oil treatments are different in intent from leave-in conditioners and hair serums, but the idea is sort of the same. These treatments are especially good for hair that is dry or dull due to frequent color treatments – ahem, ahem. Again, this is a method that should not be used all the time; regularity depends on the state of your hair.


Drink Water

Drink Water Photo Credit: Eduard Titov

Water is so beneficialto all aspects and parts of the body. It helps your skin, your nails, your overall health, it keeps you hydrated – and it even helps your hair. Ideally, of course, you should drink about eight glasses a day. You will quickly start to see positive changes in the shine and richness of your hair.


Eat Right

Eat Right Photo Credit: **Shutterbug Gal**

As with so much else, you need to eat theright things to take care of your hair. Eating avocado can make your hair soft and silky (as well as your skin), and there are plenty of other foods that can benefit your hair. For example, eating foods rich in vitamin A and vitamin E is a great idea. Protein is good for your hair as well, so feel free to eat eggs and munch on nuts.

I hope these tips work for my hair. I’m trying to cut down on the coloring. Do any of you color your hair semi-frequently? What do you do to keep it soft?

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washing hairs with cold water really works..

I definitely want to try using olive oil.

Gr8 Thnx a lot :)

I have never tried olive oil and I think I might. I had heard of this before but never tried it. My hair is always extra dry in the winter.

thxx .. ur tips are really helpful

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