7 Steps to Fabulous Winter Hair ...


7 Steps to Fabulous Winter Hair ...
7 Steps to Fabulous Winter Hair ...

Winter is not a good time for your hair. Not only does the damp cause mad style-wrecking frizz, but the abrupt changes in temperature between inside and outdoors result in dryness and breakage. A whole season of central heating can leave hair brittle and fragile with unsightly broken pieces that refuse to lie flat. What a nightmare, I know! But ladies, don’t despair, there are ways to protect your luscious locks. Here’s a list of tips to keep your hair looking fab this winter …

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Conditioning Crises

Conditioning Crises Image source: sevenworlds16

In winter it is more important than ever to use a great conditioner, and to apply after shampooing every time you wash your hair. Ideally you should also find a deep-penetrating hair mask to use every couple of weeks as this will restore moisture and help to protect from the damaging winter environment.



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This might seem obvious but let’s think about it anyway. Winter brings us a whole heap of great head gear perfect for protecting newly styled hair from dampness and drizzle. Invest in a cute hat to shield your locks from the elements and say goodbye to the terrors of winter frizzing.


Fear the Freeze

Image source: Jay & Emily Daley

Never leave your house with wet hair if the weather in low temperatures. The moisture will freeze and your locks will snap! There’s nothing worse than an unplanned haircut, but it happens girls: beware.


Diet do’s

Diet do’s Image source: bidiphar.com

Diet plays a role in hair care all year round, however there are foods you can eat that help to retain moisture and reduce breakage in winter. Try to load up on proteins which build up strength and don’t skimp on the fatty acids found in foods like nuts and oily fish.



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At the beginning of the season, give your locks a good pruning. Ask your hairdresser to get rid of any weak or damaged ends so that you start winter with a good, strong foundation. Untamed manes with a lot of dryness and splitting will break unevenly in the cold leaving hair patchy and irregular by the time summer rolls round.


Dreadful Druff

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Ladies, it’s a sad truth. The scalp tends to get drier in winter resulting in dandruff on the shoulders of your beautiful new coat. To avoid this unsightly problem, include a light oil (like grapeseed) in your diet, and use a medicated shampoo if the trouble persists.


Protection is Better than Cut

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While it is always important to use a protective product with your blow drier or flat iron, in winter it is absolutely crucial. In the season’s harsh environment, styled hair is likely to snap leaving your head with a halo of short stray strands. Unfortunately, the only way to deal with severely broken hair is to cut it all off! Avoid this frightening outcome by simply applying a defensive balm or cream before you style to help seal in natural moisture and reduce the risk of breakage.

Do you have any great hair tips to share with girls? What do you do to avoid winter frizzing? Come one ladies, let us in on your secrets! Drop me a line and let me what you think …

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Freeze hair...never experienced..touch wood.

Leave on conditioner does the trick

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