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9 Tips on Washing Your Hair ...

By Aprille

To prevent hair splitting at its end and many other problems and for keeping it healthy and beautiful some washing rules must be respected which are not hard to follow, but neglecting them could lead to nasty situations. A few tips are more than welcomed …

9 How Often to Wash?

How Often to Wash?Photo Credit: awynhaus

Specially we need to know that there is no point in cleaning it too often because it has a natural oil that feeds the hair. To let it do its job we must not wet or shampoo the hair for two or three days. We have to wash it at least once a week because maintaining a healthy scalp involves having a clean scalp. If we have a hard working job or do workout or any regular activity that sweats the hair then it has to be washed more often because a lot of salt exists in the sweat and it dries the hair and removes the oil. In this condition we need to rinse it well. Massaging the scalp before wetting it removes dead cells and dirt.

8 The Split Ends

The Split EndsPhoto Credit: Sonunamela

They are a result of bad shampoos or excessive use of the dryer and long sun exposure or bleaching. The end of the hair is also the one that dries more. To prevent this we must moisturize it.

7 Don’t Overheat the Hair

Don’t Overheat the HairPhoto Credit: sourskittled

Even if this means sun exposure or drier it is known this makes damage so don’t heat your scalp more than once a week.

6 Brush before Wash

Brush before WashPhoto Credit: Chapendra

Take a comb with big teeth and brush your hair very well, make sure you reach every portion of it. Don’t wet your head until you do this, otherwise it would be a mess after you take the shower and you will not be able to brush the hair easy. After you put the water on it also make sure it’s not hot and you don’t use too much shampoo, one pop from the recipient is enough.

5 Use Conditioner

Use ConditionerPhoto Credit: Sakura Bath & Body

Don’t use it on the roots of the hair, but from the middle to the ends. This way you will avoid having a tangled hair.

4 Rinsing

RinsingPhoto Credit: russell.tomlin

It is very important to not leave any trace of shampoo on the scalp as you could have a dry static aspect in the final state. To make your hair shine use cold water.

3 Dry It Properly

Dry It ProperlyPhoto Credit: ohkayeor (I survived the San Diego airport)

It is important to squeeze the hair and put a towel on the head, keeping it as much as you can and then let it dry in open air, this is way better than using a heat source.

2 Don’t Use Gel

Don’t Use GelPhoto Credit: loop_oh
Usually these products have a bad ingredient: alcohol which dries the hair after use.

1 Use the Shampoo Designed for You

Use the Shampoo Designed for YouPhoto Credit: Ketyane

If you have a greasy scalp, you have to use the product specially made for this type and the same to all types.

It’s not hard respecting some quick tips for washing the hair this is something that anyone can do for big results.

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