10 Parenting Tips Every Parent Should Know...


As parents, we have all made mistakes. Who here is a parent and has never made a mistake? We have also all seen other parents make mistakes. In some of those cases, the mistakes made are due to poor judgment or lack of information. Parenting does not come with an instruction manual,it comes from experience and by observing like-minded parents. Hopefully, over time, your judgment is going to improve. Below, I am going to give you ten things that every parent should know...

10. You Can Never Spoil a Child with Love

You Can Never Spoil a Child with Love

Photo Credit: Andrew Jalali

No matter what you do or what you have heard, there is no such thing as giving a child too much love and attention. So many new parents hear people telling them that they are spoiling the baby by holding them too much or by responding to every need they have. You cannot spoil a child with love. You can only spoil a child if you give them stuff for the time and attention you are not able to give them.

Be Responsive to the Cries Your Child Makes
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