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Battle of the Bikinis ...

By Mabelle

It's a case of the good, the bad and the… Britney? A couple of years back, when you put together pictures of Britney Spears and Julia Roberts – the America's sweetheart will surely win, hands down. This is especially true when you consider those wig-donning, cappuccino-sucking times that Britney had before and after she was married to Kevin Federline.
However, Britney cleaned up her act and she's finally gotten back her Pop Princess of a body. The mother of two was photographed donning a patterned bikini when she went to a Vegas holiday during the weekend. Britney looked surprisingly buff!

The same cannot be said for the mother-of-twins Julia Roberts was captured in all her bikini glory as she and her kids took a holiday in Hawaii for the Labor Day weekend.
Her belly was all **bulging **– and when you add to that the scowl on her face when these photos were taken – let's say that it did not do her any favors.

I mean, I do miss Julia. How long has it been since her megawatt smile has grazed the big screen? But please, if you're a million-dollar earning celebrity **and you know that the **paparazziis out to get pictures of you – would you still wear a body-baring bikini if you know that you have all that extra poundage on your belly?

Again, I love Julia but no more photos like this, please!

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