8 Retro Ways to Have a Mad Men Inspired Wedding ...

Are you obsessed with AMC's Mad Menjust as much as the rest of us are? My husband and I stumbled upon the TV series this summer and have been hooked ever since, but too bad for us that our wedding had just passed! If you love the 60s, short wedding dresses, classic cars and skinny black ties check out these 8 retro ways to have a Mad Men inspired weddin****g that everyone will remember. And don't forget to put your own spin on it!

8. A Madly in Love save the Date....

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Have you ever seen a save the date as cool as this one? If you watch the show Mad Menthen you know how clever Susie and Dan were when they borrowed the silhouette from the logo to give their guests just a little taste of the rad 60s, Mad Men inspired wedding they are planning. AMCshould steal Susie's idea of the silhouette being a couple instead of just a man alone in the chair! Do you love this just as much as I do, head on over to WeddingChicks for your own custom Madly in Love Save the Date!

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