7 Ways to Keep Cosmetics Hygienic ...

Do you ever wonder why cosmetics and makeup productsnow carry a ‘best before’ date? It does seem a bit silly, doesn’t it – after all, you’re going to use themon your skin, not eat them! Why is it so important to keep them in a hygienic condition? Well, cosmetics and makeup can easily get contaminated with bacteria, thus causing infections and passing on germs. So here are some simple ways to keep those products clean and safe …

1. Avoid Touching

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It’s a good idea to start with washingyour hands before using cosmetics. However, avoid touching the products if possible. If you need to take a small amount out of a jar, use a spatula, spoon or other utensil to take out as much as you need, and place it on your hand to use. Just think that if you place the product on your face, then dip your finger in again, you are transferring any germs on your skin into the jar.

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