7 Winter Beauty Issues and Their Fixes ...


7 Winter Beauty Issues and Their Fixes ...
7 Winter Beauty Issues and Their Fixes ...

Winter is a hard season. It's cold, it can be dangerous, it can get depressing. Certainly, it's awful for your skin, your hair, your lips. Winter can be like beauty's worst enemy, but you don't have to suffer from that. Check out these 7 winter beauty issues and their fixes, to see if they can't help you.

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Sallow Skin

Sallow Skin Photo Credit:Emilynd

A lot of people, myself included, suffer from sallow complexions in the winter. It's because you lose moisture in the winter, which causes dead skin cells to stack up on your skin. Dermabrasion is the best answer to this problem. Whatever product you choose – and there are a great many out there – just make sure you choose something that will refine your skin, get rid of those dead cells, and keep the new cells hydrated.


Washed out Complexion

Washed out Complexion Photo Credit: stormy rainbow

Winter can also wash you out, leaving you looking pale and even sickly. The answer to this problem is a crazily quick fix. All you need, in fact, is a little bit of blush, right on the apple arcs of your cheeks. In winter, it's best to choose a shade of pretty pink or something peachy, that will work with your overall complexion. Blush will brighten your whole face, even your eyes.


Rough Spots

Photo Credit: originsskincare.org

Another skin issue in the wintertime involves rough spots and patches on your skin. They come about when your skin gets too dry, which in turn leaves it really uneven. That can be almost impossible to cover up; it seems like foundation just calls attention to it. All you need to do here is, of course, keep moisturized, but you should also choose a foundation with a formula that has a hydrating base, so it will hydrate your skin as you are wearing it.


Weepy Eyes

Weepy Eyes Photo Credit: mrzestyness

My eyes water a lot in the winter time. The wind does it, the cold temperatures do it, and sometimes too much heat – turned on to combat the cold – does it as well. There's almost no point in wearing makeup because I know it's ultimately going to end up streaked and tracked all over my face. Naturally, a waterproof mascara will help with this, but you can also try mascara and eyeliner that is hypoallergenic, just for the season – and take some Clear Eyes wherever you go!


Dry Lips

Dry Lips Photo Credit: Blood and tears mixed to a new amber-colored dream

Dry lips are another common problem in the colder months. They get chapped, they get abused by the wind, the cold temperatures wreak havoc on them – it's awful! Now, a little chap stick will go a long way, but you might need something even more powerful. Look for a lip balm that has vitamin E, because that will help keep them even more moist. And as one of our readers pointed out in a recent chapped lips post, Vaseline works just fine, especially if you leave it on overnight!


Wind and Sun Burn

Wind and Sun Burn Photo Credit: saodio

You can get sunburn in the winter just as easily as you can in the summer, believe it or not. Wind burn is a common – and painful – problem as well. All you need to do is continue protecting yourself against UV rays. Choose a moisturizer with the proper protection. In fact, going out with sunblock isn't a bad idea at all.


Chapped Cheeks

Chapped Cheeks Photo Credit:alexandra kob

Do you ever get chapped cheeks in the winter? It's horrible! Your cheeks get red, they itch and burn horribly, and they are uncomfortable as well as unsightly. Once again, a good moisturizer will work wonders for you – and it won't hurt to choose something with proper SPF, either.

The cold weather, while rejuvenating, can be damaging. Of course, so can massive amounts of heat. We have to be on our toes all year round! What do you do to combat the cold temperatures?

Top Photo Credit: sarahmarieiannucci

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Yeah, the worst are the lips and the hands. Hands tend to get very dry and once you have wounds. The combination of wounds, moisturizing cream and gloves. Can be a torture. I will try the chapstick thingy.

try not to use minty chapstick since it can harm lips even more. i have really dry skin and what i use in my hands when they are all chapped and flaky is a lip smacker i don't like the taste of, it works wonders on those dry patches!!

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