11 Fabulous Designer Accessories to Start Saving Money for ...

You know how they say, that money can not buy style? Well, from what I've seen, it's not completely true, especially when it comes to accessories, and I am talking, shoes, bags, jewelry...

Just take a look at the pictures of fabulous designer accessories below and you'll see what I mean:

1. Pierre Hardy cutout blue satin sandals, price upon request. Visit pierrehardy.com.

2. Louis Vuitton monogram vernis cosmetic pouch, $430. Visit louisvuitton.com.

3. Dior "Egratigna Angelique" ring, price upon request. Visit dior.com.

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4. Tiffany diamond stud earrings, $2000, visit tiffany.com.

5. Dior "Lady Dior" large clutch, $950, visit saks.com.

6. Tiffany diamond flower ring, $3900, visit tiffany.com.

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7. Sergio Rossi "Phillipa" painted python peep-toe dorsay, $795. Visit sergiorossi.com.

8. Louis Vuitton "Scuba" clutch, $725. Visit louisvuitton.com.

9. Dior "Diorette" Marguerite ring, price upon request. Visit dior.com.

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10. Sergio Rossi "Carolina" suede peep-toe pump, $339, visit sergiorossi.com.

11. Marc Jacobs "Love Story" clutch, $795, visit marcjacobs.com.

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Hope you enjoyed these bold designer accessories, girls. Are any of your favorites on this list? If not, what are they?

Please do share, I'd love to hear about them...

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