10 Top Exercises for Losing Neck Fat Fast ...


10 Top Exercises for Losing Neck Fat Fast ...
10 Top Exercises for Losing Neck Fat Fast ...

Most of us focus on losing weight in the trouble areas of our thighs, toning our butts, trying to lose the belly, etc. But for those of you that are tired of staring at neck fat in the mirror, I have ten exercise solutions that will help you get rid of that problem.

Pay close attention to what I am about to tell you as these are tips really work…

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One good exercise is an exercise that I call rotation. This is especially great for those of you that are trying to lose that double chin. As you are sitting down or standing up with your backbone straight, you will need to turn your head slowly to the right. Continue doing this until you have done as much as you possibly can. After this, repeat the same thing, except you need to do it on the left side. You need to do 5-10 repetition on the right side and left side.


Side Resistance

The next exercise is what I call side resistance. Again, this is great for getting rid of that double chin. What you need to do is take you right hand and place it right up to the side of your head. Start with trying to bend your head to the right and push back with your right hand in order to prevent you head from going down. Stay in this position for approximately ten seconds. Change hands and repeat the process. Do about five to ten repetitions of this.



The next exercise that you may like is a specialty that I call front resistance. Basically, you take your hand and put it in front of your head. Use this as a resistance to push your head back as slowly as you can. When you do this, hold it there for around ten seconds and repeat the process. Again, do about 5-10 repetitions of this.


Eat Healthy

When there is exercise, you will not be able to succeed, unless you eat healthy and stick to a good diet plan. We know this is not an exercise, but we believe it goes right next to exercise as it is just important. If you go out and do exercises, but you have a bad diet plan, then that is going to cancel out that exercise. If you have a good diet plan, but you do not exercise, then the same rule can be applied.



Believe it or not, running is a great exercise as it is a cardio exercise. As you are running, you will be losing a lot more than neck fat. You are also going to feel much better about yourself. If the weather in your area or the area you are in puts a damper on running, then you can always invest in a treadmill, which works just as good. The treadmill will also keep up with your workout plans, depending on the type you get.


Ride a Bike

Riding a bike is also a great exercise that will help eliminate fat all around. Again, if you are not able to ride a bike in your area, then there are exercise bikes that you will be able to invest in.



Do you know how reliable jumping rope is? I know, it may seem a bit kiddish to you, but jumping rope does count as an exercise none the less. When you jump rope, you will be surprised at the results you get.



Swimming is another great exercise to eliminate that neck fat. If you do not live around a lake, then there are many public pools, depending on your area. You may also invest in a pool and have one in your yard.


Play Team Sports

Playing sports such as tennis, volleyball, basketball and racquetball will also help get rid of that neck fat. Sports are a great exercise as you do not even realize you are exercising.


Rolling Bridges

Another important exercise is known as the rolling bridges. These will be performed while you are against a wall. Basically, you need to stand facing the wall. Y our feet should be about shoulder length apart. Hold a towel against the wall at nose level. Now, stare down at your feet and put your head at the center of that towel. Now, rotate your body and spin your head in circles.

With these exercises your neck fat with melt away within weeks. But make sure you do them regularly, otherwise, there will be no fast results.

Got other tips for losing that neck fat? Do share with me!

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Good advises! I love these tips for loosing weight :) I think push ups are good too!

Cool I definintly gonna try this!! Thanks!!

Hi Melanie! This post of yours came just in time, I'm beginning to loose wait but I still see that my face is round :( I don't have double chin but I still have some excess fat that I want to get rid of. Those are really helpful advices.

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