7 Most Luxurious Luxury Blogs ...


Ahh, luxury.... Many say that it's "not about the money" but really, having some can't hurt. And having a lot can mean having all the shiny toys in the world. For those who already have wads of cash lying around or are dreaming of becoming filthy rich one day, I give you here the 7 top luxury blogs to check out.

1. Pursuitist


Their tagline: Find and share the good things in life. And yes, that's exactly what they do and they do it so well. This is the perfect blog to follow if you feel like flushing down several thousands of dollars on a 1-night stay in a hotel or a new vehicle. But this blog shows more than just a list of cool (and expensive) things to buy. They also have fantastic posts on how to live a life of luxury, giving you tips on great places to visit and more.

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