15 Steps for Creating a Perfect Smoky Eye Look ...


In terms of eye makeup, is there anything sexier and more sophisticated than the classic Smoky Eye Look?

There sure isn't!

That's why almost every page of today's magazines has a picture of a beautiful model or a celebrity sporting (what else?) - the smoky eye look!2

So, if you feel you are ready to join this fabulous team, and you too want to master theSmoky Eye technique, you came to the right place!

1. Getting Your Eyes Ready

Getting Your Eyes Ready

Begin by applying a light shade of concealer to the under eye area, and all over the top lid.

Your mineral makeup foundation is a great concealer for this step and prepares your eyes for the eye shadow that you are going to apply.

2. Use Tape

Use Tape

Take a piece of scotch tape and stick it on your hand first to remove some of the stickiness.

Then, place it under your eye against your lash line, up past the outer corner of your eye.

Repeat the process to the other eye, making sure both pieces of tape are even.

3. Apply a Matte Shadow

Apply a Matte Shadow

Apply a matte shadow that is similar to your eye color.

Use a relatively large brush to cover your entire eye and blend it into the creases before moving onto the next step.

4. Adding the Shadow

Adding the Shadow

Brush a dark gray eyeshadow along the tape above your eyelid.2

You can make it dark, but not too darkβ€”you still have a lot more shadow to go and don't want to cake on too much makeup!

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5. Blend


Blend away the dark gray eye shadow with a much lighter shade, even lighter than your skin color.

This will brighten up your eyes and make the dark color less intense and more natural.

Optional: Black Shadow
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