5 Bridal Beauty Tips You Need...

Makeup can be an important part of your daily routine;

I try not to leave the house without my eyeliner on.

And when a special event like a wedding comes around, we especially want to look our best.

Here are 5 bridal beauty tips on how you can achieve that wedding day glow.

5. Don't Try Anything New...

Don't Try Anything New...

Trying a new facial cream, mask, makeup, or acne treatment too close to your wedding day may make your skin break out in a rash.

I know I don't want red spots on my face in my wedding pictures.

And I'm sure you don't as well.

Brides.comrecommends that if you want to try a new product on your face start at least six months before the day of your wedding and consult a dermatologist if you don't already have one.