15 Tips on How to Get Your Man to Marry You ...


You’ve been dating forever, and you’re so in love!

You see engagements everywhere, and you find yourself planning your perfect wedding.

Now all you need is for him to ask!

But how do you get him to pop the question?

Here are some great ideas!

1. Make Sure You’re Ready

Are you really ready to be married, or are you rushing things because your sister or your friend has gotten married?2

Make sure you’re ready before you try and convince your guy.

2. Make Sure He’s the One for You

Again, before you start using your feminine charms to land your man, make sure he’s the one for you.

It would be a shame to expend all of your time and effort for a man who’s all talk and no substance, or who you can’t see yourself growing old with, right?

3. Point out Happily Married Couples

Once you’re sure he’s the one for you, one good way to get the subject going is to comment on couples you both know that are happily married.

Friends, relatives, even celebrity couples that have made it work.

Make comments on how good they are for each other, how loyal and devoted they seem.

4. Comment on Rings

When you walk by shop windows with engagement rings, stop and point out the ones you think are pretty, and the ones you think are gaudy.

Comment on a friend’s ring, or his mother’s ring, Be specific, like, “What a gorgeous setting!

Look how intricate it is!”

5. Have a Friend Drop a Hint

Ask one of your close friends to drop a hint to your guy.

Have her ask what his intentions are, or ask her to tell him what a great couple you are, and how happy she would be to be a bridesmaid.

Talk to Your Mother
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