10 Ways to Find out if He's Cheating ...


I was married for six years when I found out my husband was having an affair.

I was devastated, but when I looked back, I knew I ought to have seen the signs.

How to tell if your guy is cheating?

Here are some ways…

1. He Starts Taking Better Care of Himself

If he starts working out, or wearing nicer clothes, he may not be doing it just for you.

He might be doing it to impress someone else.

2. His Taste in Music Changes

If his iPod used to be full of Death cab for Cutie, but now he’s listening to Kenny Chesney, he might be seeing someone who is encouraging his new taste in music.

3. He Spends a Lot Less Time with You

If he blows you off on your usual date night once in a while, that’s one thing.

But if all of a sudden he doesn’t want to spend any time alone with you, he might be feeling guilty.2

4. He Has New Friends You Haven’t Met before

If he is always talking about friends, male or female, that he’s never really mentioned before, they might actually be HER friends.

5. He Hides His Cell Phone Texts or Calls

If he’s always sending calls to voicemail when you’re together, or if he takes his phone in the bathroom with him, you may need to wonder.

6. He Treats You Differently

If he seems distant or on edge or is more critical of you than usual, he may be trying to get YOU to dump HIM.2

He might be stressed about school or work, but typically, if a guy starts treating you differently than before, something else is going on.

7. He Accuses YOU of Cheating

If he was never the jealous type before, but suddenly starts treating you with suspicion or jealousy, he might be transferring his own guilty feeling to you.2

This is a typical sign of guilt, and you should definitely be on the alert!

He Kisses Differently
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