17 Most Stylish Pairs of Cutout Shoes ...

Cutout shoes and boots are probably the coolest shoe trend of this winter.

And the best news is that cutout shoes **stay big for Spring 2009 too! So, if you haven't got a pair of those yet (and even if you did :), check out our **Most Stylish Cutout Shoes to see which you like best!

1. Graphic Gillie Shoes by Manolo Blahnik

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Price upon request, visit manoloblahnik.com

No shoe collection will ever be complete without an entry from Carrie Bradshaw's favorite designer: Manolo Blahnik. This pair of graphic Gillie shoes is Oxford-inspired: they're masculine in shape but feminine in design. I'm sure SJP's character will go all "Hello, lover!" when she sees these!
2. Patent Leather Pumps with Cutout Detail by Bruno Frisoni
Price upon request, visit brunofrisoni.com

Eva Longoria was seen decked in these black-and-gold leather pumps by Bruno Frisoni. They work well when worn with an all-black outfit, but make sure to have gold accessories to match that fabulous detailing.

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