Accessories Alert: the 30 Hottest Designer Handbags for This Season ... defines a **handbag **as a “bag held in the hand or hung from a shoulder strap and used for carrying small personal articles and money”.

However, for us women - there’s absolutely more to it than that. Handbags are a **fashion **statement, something which highlights or complements our outfits - and it can even turn into an obsession!

Women absolutely go ga-ga over the latest **trends **in the runway, and **bags **are no exception.

We have put together 30 of the season’s ****hottest designer handbags.

Whether you are looking for a classy clutch to go with your little black dress, a casual tote to pack your stuff in for a weekend getaway, or a divine purse that screams ‘designer label’ -there’s something in our list for you:

30. Burberry Alligator Warrior Bag

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This stunning alligator warrior bag from **Burberry **comes with quite a hefty price tag, but it’s tagged as the ‘arm candy’ of the season. The crescent-shaped tote has a metal stud detailing and a drawstring closure. It may look like it does not hold much, but the bag has plenty of zip pockets and compartments to hold your knickknacks in.

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