Halloween W/ Morrissey - Mashup!


good morning! i can't believe halloween is less than two weeks away! the latest mashup selection from popbytes' pal DJ paul v. will get you into pumpkin carving mode - i'm ashamed to admit that i haven't dressed up for the holiday in years - i totally need to get my costume on this year! i loved going trick or treating as a kid - although my mom wouldn't let me go around after the sixth grade - she thought i was too old - what a bummer! anyways check out the mashup below along with a bonus spooky video mashup! popbytes over & out for now...xxoo!


The Halloween season has officially begun, so this is the first themed mashup until the spook-tacular event hits on the 31st. And seeing that Morrissey just played a whopping 10 shows here in Los Angeles - and seeing as I saw him last week - we'll let Moz predict the future with his already haunting 'Ouija Board.' But this special Cheekyboy mix also features some Rocky Horror dialogue + Love Spit Love's version of 'How Soon Is Now.'

Listen to Cheekyboy - Halloween With Morrissey [.mp3 7.3mb]

And here's some bonus Halloween fun from Cheekyboy...it's Rockwell vs. Tiga. You can decide what's more frightening: Frankenstein, or Amanda LePore!

Enjoy! - DJ Paul V.

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