9 Great Halloween Decorations ...

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays, and I love decorating my house for it. A few subtle pieces in each room, and my decorating is done! A few bits on the mantle, maybe a wall hanging, a few things on the bookcases… I can’t wait to decorate for Halloween! I have a few pieces I use each year, but along with my old favorites I’m adding some new décor items this year. Here’s my list of 9 great Halloween decorations, and it’s from these goodies I’ll be picking my new stuff!

1. Pottery Barn Decorative Pumpkin with Lights

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Price: $59.00 to $79.00 at potterybarn.com
These two pumpkins look good indoors and out, daytime and night. They’re made of sturdy rattan with a string of sparkly white lights woven through. The lights last up to 10 times longer than standard lights, too, because they’re LED lights, and they’re very energy-efficient, too! Choose from a smaller, rounder pumpkin, or a larger, taller one. Or buy them both to display together!

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