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Come Meet Our New Beauty amp Style Blogs

By Christina

Today I am so proud to announce three new Beauty & Style blogs into the fold! All three are from some of my favorite bloggers, I am sure you will agree:

First off we have the beautiful and hilarious Liberty (a.k.a. The Snarkstress) joining us with Teen Style Lounge - a hip and trendy joint with all of the grooming and fashion needs of teens. Liberty has a really unique voice, and a real love of teen culture - I know you will love it?

Next we have Sophia Uy joining our team (you might know Sophia from Beautynomics) with a blog I am super excited about, Beauty Gizmo. Who doesn’t love gizmos and gadgets? And if they help make you more beautiful, whats not to love??

Last, but not least, we have our busiest blogger, Teri Cosenzi (best known as our managing editor at Splendicity) bringing you Celeb Look - a blog about how to achieve the looks of your favorite celebrities. Teri has tons of inside information and contacts and she knows what the rich and famous are doing to keep themselves in top notch shape for the cameras. Join Teri at Celeb Look and you can find out too!

We hope you will stop by and say hello and welcome to our new blogs/bloggers, and don’t forget to check out this months Hot Finds of September today, hosted by Dexie at Style Tots!

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