8 Unconventional Hobbies and Sports ...


There are many common hobbies and sport that we know of such as camping, rock climbing, collecting toys, playing soccer or basketball, making jewelry, scrapbooking, singing, and dancing. When we hear people say that they do these things, we won’t be surprised because a lot of people also have those hobbies. But there are also people who participate or engage in not-so-common hobbies and sports. What would your reaction be to these unconventional recreational activities?

1. Taxidermy

Taxidermy is not as morbid as it sounds. Actual animal skin is only sometimes used to recreate a lifelike 3D representation of an animal. Usually it’s antlers together with a man-made framework that is more commonly utilized. There are also times when the representation is completely man-made. Taxidermists are skilled in different crafts such as carpentry, woodworking, tanning, molding, casting, sculpting, painting, and drawing.

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