8 Reasons Kids Should Go to Summer Camp ...

It’s a tradition here in the States. Every summer, millions of parents send their children off to sleep-away summer camp, or to day camps. There are so many reasons to consider summer camp for your kids, and it’s well worth the expense and separation anxiety! Here are my top eight reasons why children should go to summer camp, especially children with esteem or fitness issues!

1. It Builds Self-esteem

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When your child goes away to summer camp, you’ll notice a big difference in their natural self-esteem. They’ll be more confident, less clingy, with much more self-esteem. Being away from home gives children the chance to figure out who they are outside of all of their family’ pre-conceived notions.

2. It Encourages Independence

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Being away from home at summer camp will make your child much more independent and self-reliant. You won’t be there to coddle them, or to do everything for them, so they’ll have to learn to do more for themselves. Don’t worry! They won’t be on their own, but they won’t be over-mothered, either.

3. They’ll Make New Friends

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I am still close to the two girls I bunked with during sleep-away camp when I was 12. I’d have never met these girls had I not gone off to camp, and I am so glad I did! When your children go away to camp, they’ll meet so many new people, and they may make friends for a lifetime.

5. They’ll Try New Things

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Unless you have a lake for swimming and canoeing, plus a rock-climbing wall, archery range, and horseback riding corral at your home, chances are, your children will be able to try new things at summer camp. They might overcome fears, or even discover talents and interests they never even knew they had!

6. They’ll See Diversity

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Sleep-away summer camps and even day camps, will expose your children to people of all different background, cultures, ethnicities, religions, and races. They might hear new languages, learn new cultural practices, and try new foods and hear different types of music. This is incredibly valuable, because as technology brings the world closer together, they’ll be learning how to interact with the people they’ll be interacting with later in life.

7. They’ll Learn to Love Nature

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Most camps focus their summer activities and learning opportunities on nature and the outdoors. What a fantastic way to make your child more environmentally aware, and kinder to plants and animals! Once your child returns home, carry on with what they’ve learned at camp by going on nature hikes and small expeditions.

8. It’s Better than a Summer in Front of the TV!

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What else does your child have to do all summer long, besides sleeping late, eating too much junk food, and sitting in front of the TV? They may complain, but the XBOX and Wii will be there when they get home from summer camp, right?

My daughter is already begging to go to horseback riding camp this summer, and I can’t wait either! Did you go to summer camp when you were young, or have you sent your children to summer camp? How did it help them? What did they get out of it, and did they enjoy it? Please let me know!

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